Rights of Spring

A yaoi webcomic


by jenovasilver

Thanks for the warm welcome!


First, thanks for the welcome guys! You guys are awesome! I'm currently working on drawing Vol 2 but I had to realize that I won't be able to complie the pages in one big book, I'll have to do page by page like a professional LOL! Well that's not a problem, I still have pages to upload so let's see how this works out! There might be some delays but I'll update! Thank you all again!

by jenovasilver

Grand Opening for Rights of Spring

Hello peoples and hopefully future fans!

Welcome to another spot for you to find your yaoi bugs and flower needs! A good friend was able to point me to this site so hopefully everything will go fine here! You may have previously seen this comic (not like this but in its VERY rough form on Smack Jeeves) eons ago. Well this is the official reboot! I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment, crit or just be awesome! Thank you all again and please enjoy!

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Take care!